Pushing the standard for ingenuity with a sleek and geometric design, the contemporary aesthetic mirrors the lifestyle of the owner in its resemblance to a dynamic way of life. 

All the Essentials. Smartly Compact.

Rendition of a Mid-Century Modern home with a sleek, geometric design. Its interior includes polished black accents, such as window and door frames, and a black flat edged roof. The kitchenette includes glossed countertops and tile flooring in the bathroom. The stove and light fixtures are made from lustrous stainless steel, adding to the clean cut look of the home.

A thoughtful layout to keep essentials for a comfortable life. A combined area of 321 Sq. Feet on only 216 Sq. Feet. 

Affordable and Flexible

Either lease for 18 months on a monthly payment of $750 or purchase the house at a monthly payment of $1000.